Cycling Map Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

The Second Edition of the popular Kanata North Cycling Map is almost complete! There are advertising and sponsorship opportunities for area businesses and organizations.

The Transportation Action Committee Kanata-North (TACK) is a dedicated group of volunteers formed in 2014 by Councilor Marianne Wilkinson as an independent organization which reviews the transportation needs of Kanata North residents and advocates on their behalf.

TACK is preparing the second edition of the Kanata North Cycling Map to be released in April 2018. A preliminary version of the updated map is currently available on-line at http://www.tack-n.ca. It details the cycling routes in Kanata North and rates them by difficulty level.

Two thousand copies of the first edition were printed in 2016 and distributed free of charge at the Beaverbrook Library, local schools, Councillor Wilkinson’s office, and the Richcraft Recreation Complex Kanata. All available copies were quickly picked up.

The final phase of preparation for printing the second edition is to gather sponsor input and contributions. The map has up to 25 spaces for full-colour advertisements. The funds collected will go towards covering the layout and printing costs.

$100    5 cm x 9 cm (1.96 in x 3.54 in)
$200    10 cm x 9 cm (3.93 in x 3.54 in)
$300    15 cm x 9 cm (5.90 in x 3.54 in)

This is an excellent opportunity for local businesses to demonstrate their support of healthy and active lifestyles and a green environment. Both the on-line and the printed versions will be used by Kanata North residents and employees as a resource to help them navigate the community. The map provides details of cycling routes that can be used by both employees and customers to access your business.  Thus the map provides a highly-visible advertising opportunity to target your local audience.

In addition, sponsors will be featured in Councilor Wilkinson’s social media and newsletter. The map will be broadly publicized in Kanata North in spring 2018. The logos of the sponsors will be displayed on the TACK website.

To participate in this opportunity, please fill in the Information FormWe look forward to hearing from your organization and thank you for your support.

Please email TACKanata@gmail.com for additional information.